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I’m Jay Croft, founder and owner of fitness content marketing agency Prime Fit Content. I’m here to help you drive your content marketing to the next level. Working with gyms, fitness studios, and other health businesses, I’ve learned something about you:

You don’t have the time or ability to do all your content marketing yourself. I mean, writing blogs, posting on social media, composing and sending emails and newsletters… all these things and more. You know it’s all critical for your business, but you don’t know where to begin.

Welcome to Prime Fit Content – The Solution to Your Marketing Problems

You know, most of us can't do everything -- right? If you're like me, you probably can’t fix your car, cook a gourmet dinner, or prepare your tax returns. If you're like me, you hire professionals to do these things for you. In your business, you pay for janitorial service, software for your laptop, and maintenance agreements on equipment. 

You know the value of outsourcing. You can’t do everything yourself. No one can.

Yet some gym and studio owners insist on trying to create their own content. A few can do it, but the vast majority struggle, huff & puff in frustration, and throw up their hands -- with no new material going out to the market.

That's why I created Prime Fit Content. I'm a veteran communicator in big-time media and Fortune 500 corporations, now specializing in helping fitness professionals grow their business and be seen as the local expert on over-50 fitness.

I spent 20 years as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers across the country. In 2007, I began creating marketing content for companies like Coca-Cola and SunTrust. As a consultant and freelancer, I’m proud to be affiliated with CNN, WebMD, the Functional Aging Institute, Fitness Revolution, IDEA and more.

So Why Prime Fit?

When I turned 50, I noticed something odd: The fitness industry stopped targeting me. I’d been going to the gym my whole life, but I suddenly became invisible. I didn't take it personally; it's just part of aging out of the all-important youth market, and I'm fine with that. It was like the first time I watched the Grammy Awards and had never heard of most of the nominees. You've been there.

So, I interviewed a lot of savvy fitness professionals about this. Some of them knew exactly what I was talking about -- they realize that this is the biggest (and most overlooked) demographic in fitness. 

They recognize content is crucial, but they don’t have the time or ability to consistently produce what their prospects and clients will find relevant and compelling. 

Their solution: Prime Fit Content. Learn how our gym marketing system works.

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