Why Fitness Communication Really Matters

You want to reach your market (link to reach your market page) and stand out (link to stand out page) in fitness communication. Before you rush to pump out reams of content, stop! Take a breath. 

The over-50s hold customer service and personal contact in high regard. When they feel cared for, they will share their experience with others. Connection matters.

To connect, you must create content that speaks to your audience. Get it right and you’ll grow a fiercely loyal tribe. Get it wrong and you won’t see them for dust. Here’s a few tips to help you produce the fitness communication that will grow your gym’s tribe of active agers.

Remember, your fitness communication should bridge the gap between their desire to be healthy and their need to be fit. Research shows that personalization and tailoring of content has the biggest impact with active agers. What does this mean in practice?

First, use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Remember this and tailor your fitness communication by:

Letting go of stereotypes

Over-50s. Set in their ways, right? They long for their lost youth, don’t they? They’re sad, fragile, and penny pinching, aren’t they? Couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of these clichés are founded in generations-old nonsense. 

What you’ll find is that active agers are tech savvy, online, and (believe it or not) happier than they were when they were younger. And they’re activity freaks, now they have the money and time to experience what is important to them.

Stressing the lifestyle benefits of being fit

Fitness allows people over 50 to do what they really want to do: travel, play with their grandchildren, get off the medication, enjoy their time playing sports, and taking part in activities and hobbies. They don’t want to spend all day in the gym.

You can help them visualize the lifestyle benefits of being fit. You’ve just got to learn what motivates them, listen to their stories, and then provide the content that connects these dots.

Using the right images

Use images of people in this demographic, not pictures of nubile young women and 20-somethings with six-packs. They say a picture says a thousand words. It’s true. Your images should say, ‘We welcome you here. We understand you. We are here to help.’

Use a mix of images. Some at the younger end of the demographic, some at the older end. Some fit, some not so fit. Men, women, white, Asian, and people of color. Dad bods and toned bods. You get the picture – and so will your target audience.

Avoiding inappropriate language

Don’t offend this demographic by using language they find condescending or offensive. The biggest deterrent you can deliver is poor word choice. Eliminate language like ‘golden oldie’, ‘silver-haired’, retirees, senior citizens, and a whole bunch of other phrases that offend.

Instead, say ‘people over 50’, ‘over-50s’, ‘mature adults’, and ‘active agers’. Whatever you do, though, never patronize, even inadvertently. Use language intentionally, always.

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