The Gym Member Retention Strategies That The Pros Use

Most gyms find it hard to retain members. Their membership is fluid, and customers come and go. This plays havoc with your cashflow. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t suffer from this problem?

What gym member retention strategies are you using right now?

Some gyms offer gifts and rewards, like a gift card for a local sports outlet. Costly. 

Others sell expensive annual memberships. The trouble is, those expensive annual memberships put people off, so you risk selling fewer memberships – and that’s bad news for long-term growth.

Others set challenges that last a few weeks, and then reward those who stayed the course.

When your focus is on people over 50, you’re targeting a more loyal demographic. That’s just how active agers are. But this doesn’t mean you can neglect them. You can’t take them for granted.

You spend a lot of time, effort, and money on attracting new clients to your gym. Once they have signed up, don’t ignore them.

Delivering quality content is probably the best of all gym member retention strategies. It shows you care about your members – that you like them and think about them. It shows they matter to you. But what you send matters, too. People over 50 can smell BS a mile off.

The secret is to personalize your content to people over 50. Give them what they want. Write about the health and wellness issues that are important to them. Use images that are relevant and have meaning (that’s not pictures of ripped 20-somethings!). Be entertaining and engaging. 

People over 50 won’t walk across the road to a rival gym to save a nickel. But they will desert you if they feel you no longer care.

Cultivate a caring culture in which your gym membership thrives as a community. The content you send to your clients delivers these important concepts to your business. Make it part of your gym’s member retention strategy now.

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