Ideas to Increase Gym Membership

It’s not enough to produce and publish amazing content. If it doesn’t find its audience, it won’t get viewed, read, or shared, and it won’t do its job – to sell your fitness services to existing and new customers.

You may have read a heap of advice from marketing gurus about ideas to increase gym membership. Most of it is baloney. There are three keys:

  • Write great content

  • Publish regularly

  • Publish where your audience hangs out

It’s this last point that most gym owners struggle with. Probably because they have read all the guru advice and been bamboozled by it. Yet it really is easy. It’s a three-legged barstool:

  1. Your blog

  2. Facebook

  3. Email

Your blog

You should be posting entertaining and informative content to your blog at least once a week. Nothing too long. People don’t have all day to read. Create content that delivers a key message or piece of advice that resonates with your audience and makes them want to act. Compose and publish using a few SEO tricks (done for you with Prime Fit Content) to gain organic traffic.


If you aren’t posting at least once a day, then you aren’t even close to reaching your audience. Hang your social media posts from your blogs, and mix in a healthy number of entertaining memes.


Our bet is that you aren’t sending enough emails. Some experts recommend sending at least one email each day. We think this is overkill. You don’t want to drown your customer’s  in their inbox. Two to four emails per week are enough to keep interest peaked and open rates high. Make sure you send at least one newsletter per month, too.

Hey, use your content everywhere you can!

Here’s something that most content marketing gurus won’t tell you – you can use the same content online and offline! Use it anywhere, and everywhere, you can. Share it with business groups, in lunch-and-learns, neighboring health-related businesses, health and medical centers, community meetings… Your content is a tool to grow and nurture key relationships.

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