Jay Croft Professional Health and Fitness Writer

How a professional newspaper reporter and business writer created the content solution you need.

Hi, I’m Jay Croft — professional content guy and amateur fitness nut. I’m glad you’re checking out Prime Fit Content, and I hope you find it useful in carrying your message and mission to people 50 and older who need your help so much.

I started Prime Fit Content when people like you told me about a need they have for content. Gym owners, trainers and others in the fitness industry said they lack the marketing content to reach the active maturing market. You want to help people stay strong, healthy and safe throughout their lifetimes — but you need content to reach them.

With three decades of professional experience, I am a purpose-driven storyteller. I love planning, producing and sharing content that targeted audiences find useful and engaging. That motivates people to take action. That helps drive business results.

I was trained as a journalist and spent 20 years as a reporter and editor at mainstream dailies from Anchorage to Denver to South Florida and, finally, at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In 2007, I began creating marketing communications for Coca-Cola, SunTrust and other top corporations. As a consultant and free-lancer, I’m proud to be affiliated with Coke, CNN, WebMD, MasterCard and others.

When I turned 50 in 2013, I noticed that fitness marketing didn’t seem to target me anymore. I’ve been going to the gym my whole life, but suddenly, I was invisible. I interviewed a lot of savvy fitness professionals who realize that this is the biggest (and most overlooked) demographic to grow their businesses for decades to come. They recognize content is crucial, but they don’t have the time or ability to consistently produce high-quality content that prospects and clients will find relevant and compelling.

The over-50 population is full of vibrant, active people who want to remain that way throughout their lifetimes. They have the time, money, stability and loyalty to spend with studios, gyms and trainers who know how to communicate with them.

Let Prime Fit Content help you reach them, help them, and grow with them.

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